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Bethany University was located at 800 Bethany Drive, Scotts Valley CA 95066. On August 8, 2011 a Teach-out plan to facilitate the closure of Bethany University was submitted to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and subsequently received approval on August 16, 2011. The property was sold to 1440 Foundation.

Ordering Transcripts And Or Replacement Diplomas/Certificates

Bethany University transcripts are maintained at the DRC by a Registrar at 6051 S. Watt Ave, Sacramento, California 95829. (Closed on Fridays). These orders will be reviewed and released upon review of any outstanding accounts payable to Bethany University. Transcripts, Diplomas and Certificates are released to alumnus with a zero balance or to those who are on an approved payment plan. You can download a Transcript Request form or Replacement Diplomas/Certificates form


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Colleges that Offered Services to Bethany Students at time of closure Fall 2011

Bethany University is pleased to offer the following list of colleges eager to help you finish your education well. Each institution offers unique opportunities that may allow you to complete your desired major or graduate program at a comparable cost and within the time frame you projected at Bethany. Some colleges have developed extensive Memorandums of Understanding (MOU). These are like contracts of services they will provide to each student. Special accommodations may include adjustments to their standard financial expectations, transferring more units than normal, waiving residency requirements, and allowing exceptions to certain policies that enable you to finish in a comparable time frame and to meet your educational goals. Each college offers slightly different advantages in their MOU, so it is important for you to consider each one carefully.

In addition to the institutions that have developed MOUs for Bethany students, many colleges are willing to work with you individually and provide special incentives to assist you in transitioning to their college.

The following is the list of colleges that have indicated a strong willingness to serve you. Once you view their websites and decide to initiate contact, be sure to indicate you are a Bethany student needing to transition to a new college. That gives you access to their special considerations. Some institutions have information on their websites specifically for Bethany students.

The entire faculty, staff, and administration at Bethany grieves over the closure of the University, and we apologize for the heartache and hardships this has created for you and your family. We are truly sorry. Please be assured of our continued concern for you, our prayers on your behalf, and our confidence in your ability to finish your educational pursuits in stellar fashion. “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all” (2 Corinthians 13:14, NIV).

Colleges that have provided MOUs:

Vanguard University (Costa Mesa, CA)


Northwest University (Kirkland, WA)


Southwestern Assembly of God University (Texas and online)


William Jessup University (Rocklin, CA and San Jose, CA)

WJU's Bethany Transfer Day


Simpson University (Redding, CA)

**Memorandum MS Psych

Patten University (Oakland, CA and online)


Oral Roberts University (Tulsa, OK)


Holy Names University (Oakland, CA)


Life Pacific College (San Dimas, CA)


Notre Dame de Namur (Belmont, CA)


Western Seminary (Santa Clara, CA campus - Graduate Psychology only)


Palo Alto University (Palo Alto, CA - Grad/Undergrad Psychology - Addiction Studies)


Brandman University (Monterey, CA - MA in Teaching)


Assemblies of God Colleges offering special considerations:

Evangel University (Springfield, MO)

Central Bible College (Springfield, MO)

North Central University (Minneapolis, MN)

Valley Forge Christian College (Phoenixville, PA)

Zion Bible College (Haverhill, MA)

Faith-Based Colleges offering special considerations:

Azusa Pacific University (Azusa, CA)

San Diego Christian College (San Diego, CA and online)

Regent University (Virginia Beach, VA and online)

Grand Canyon University (Phoenix, AZ and online)

Colorado Christian University (Lakewood, CO and online)

Other Colleges offering special considerations:

John F. Kennedy University ( San Francisco and Campbell, CA)

Menlo College (Atherton, CA)

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